Tree plantation drive

Keeping this fact in mind, each moment need be devoted to diligent work. There are various kinds of fruits trees. In that sense we still have a very long way to go.

Essay on Tree Plantation.

We should not use and destroy trees at random. This will help in changing the environment by making our city green, healthy and eco-friendly.

Again we exports fruits to many others countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange.

Tree Plantation drive in Nashik, Maharashtra

Some trees are sturdier than others and can manage even in dry hot climate as well as in a heavy rainfall. They are part and parcel in our day to day life. Cleanliness, simplicity and good-taste jointly form beauty.

Keep company of the enlightened and the wise. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Saturday launched a mega tree plantation drive by planting a sapling at the Yamuna floodplain in Usmanpur village, with thousands others joining him in the initiative. He has directed managers of all NBP branches to plant tree in their soundings.

They are considered invading species as their saplings grow even in a asphalted area. Kejriwal launches mega drive to plant 5 lakh saplings in a day PTI Updated: Each and every employee of water management department contributed Rs50 towards the cost of the sapling to express their individual commitment to reduce carbon footprint.

One can always grow small trees and shrubs in and around the housing societies so that trees can be safely nurtured to maturity. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI government has been very keen on the plantation of trees in the province and the country.

We have warm climate with summer temperatures rising above 40C in most of the places. In places of heavy rainfall roots are spoiled due to too much water. It required aggressive measures to rectify negative climatic changes and save nature for the good of the human being.

The government wants to plant 5 lakh trees and shrubs in the city in a day as part of the drive.

Tree Plantation Program adjacent to Belandur lake

This is a testament to a growing global movement for sustainable environmental solutions. Consider yourself a part of the society and your well-being as a part of the public good.

Tree has very important place in Indian Culture. Similarly trees are closely related to our life. Sometimes weeds and small plants also act as pesticides. He said the global warming was the result of the development activities by the humans and now it is duty of them to save the nature including making correction to adverse climatic change in the world.Successful tree planting does not happen by chance — it requires thought, planning and attention to detail.

1) Place- The most important factor is the place selected for plantation.

Tips For a Successful Tree Plantation Drive

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Guwahati today undertook a tree plantation drive with all the Balvikas Students of different units of Guwahati at Guwahati Botanical Garden situated in Assam State Zoo, to commemorate Earth Day and ongoing Aradhana Mahotsavam Month Celebration.

Tree plantation Drive_ Green Initiative by Forest Dept of Maharashtra, supported by SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES AND FSAI (FIRE & SECURITY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA). participants voluntarily planted near about saplings at Vanbhavan, Gokhale Nagar, Pune.

The PTI, after its successful tree plantation drive in KPK, is moving in the right direction, and must be supported through mass awareness campaign by people like & others.

Recommend 0. Nov 16,  · Tree Plantation drive at Army officers Institute at Juhu Mumbai. The drive was support by State Street Services Pvt Ltd as part of their CSR project. As a socially responsible institution, The City School organised a Tree Plantation Drive launch in support with Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) on October 14 at Kahna Kacha Interchange, Lahore; a site allocated by PHA.

Tree plantation drive
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