Sales processing of otobi

Partex has showrooms in Dhaka-Elephant road and Farmgate, as well as in the districts of Khulna, Sylhet and Chittagong. That is when we began studying different interiors, so that the new showroom could be extraordinary, groundbreaking and could inspire zest in others.

Direct dealings with the customer Making the daily report Other Activities These three major things I have to do in daily basis activities. Analyzing the marketing process of Otobi to understand whether its marketing is on right track or not. Making the daily report: For Otobi the POD is, it is the only local brand that is also has gone international.

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I have tried to integrate their Experiential Retail strategy in Bangladesh. To aid in the enhanced brand value over time, OTOBI has always believed in maintaining long term cooperative ties with each and every customer through captivating customer service and dedicated after sales service beyond industry standards.

To emulate avidity of moods, we used different colors and illuminati nation s to light up distinct areas of the floor. The continuous interaction helps us to increase our potential customers and satisfy our existing customers. As I have mentioned earlier that Otobi has launched their new segment for giving the complete office solution which deals with stationeries along with the furniture.

A tidal wave of challenges has met us at every step: Studio 45 manufactures its products in four factories including two in Savar and one in Tejgaon.

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Special efforts were made to build up a core team of highly skilled craftsmen. The Diwali campaign for India, for India, which was developed by the Communication department, was an instant hit.

Starts exploring international market through the first export to Ukraine. From the customers we got the information that the price Otobi set for their products is more reasonable and affordable to buy.

We provide a monthly report to our central MIS about our customers, data updates, monthly sales and other internal information. Officer, Sales of Otobi Limited. Now Otobi has turned into an institution of creativity and inspiration containing 5, members with the same intention as the maestro.

OTOBI, because of its superior quality, gradually gained popularity all over the country. As we think that Otobi is the customer oriented company so, we always give priority to our customers. For example when a customer wants to make a work station for his office we have to take the measurement of his room and then provide the design to the customer.

To emulate avidity of moods, we used different colors and illuminati nation s to light up distinct areas of the floor. Since OTOBI had already started selling to foreign countries such as India and Ukraine, it can also consider expanding its market in India and entering the furniture market of other European nations.

As Otobi provide furniture for not only a specific class of the socity, they have got a huge market share all over the country. These products of Otobi achieved tremendous market acceptance and later Mr. After the warranty period is over, OTOBI repairs any defect of the furniture in return for a service charge.

Mainly Otobi has three competitors in the furniture business. Having widely travelled all over the East and the West, Mr.

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The second major part of my job responsibility is to make the daily sales report of the showroom.Executive Summary After getting the four years theoretical knowledge in BBA it is very interesting to match with trough the following process: 1) Main operation of Otobi Ltd 2) Processing the information Mr.

Nitun Kundu improved the quality of Otobi products as well as sales ad marketing methods so successfully that by he constructed a. OTOBI Limited Job Circular has been published in online job portal and to found in this website.

Document processing for sales and service. Planning tour and visit. Attend sales meeting and training. Attend corporate client and convert to actual customer. Customers are assigned dedicated sales representatives and supported by a team of architects and interior designers.

We believe in formulating long term customer relationships and we take pride in partnering with our customers. The process can be difficult, especially for patients who struggle with introspection, but it can ultimately lead to self-discovery and insights that are an essential part of the treatment process.

for marketing and sales of OTOBI’s predicts. OTOBI produces various types of furniture ranging from personal chair to office furniture, from kitchen decoration to hospital furniture, from house hold furniture to auditorium decoration.

OTOBI produce these products in its two factories of Mirpur and Shampur.5/5(1). Analyzing the marketing process of Otobi to understand whether its marketing is on right track or not.

Otobi Story: Born in at Dinajpur, Painter and Sculptor Kundu graduated from Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka inand securing 1 st class 1 st position.

Sales processing of otobi
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