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At the conference, Hitler stated that economic problems were causing Germany to fall behind in the arms race with Britain and France, and that the only solution was to launch in the near-future a series of wars to seize Austria and Czechoslovakia, whose economies would be plundered to give Germany the lead in the arms race.

The Legion didn't want a physical superhuman like the Nazis did. Realizing that neither France nor Britain was willing to offer assistance, Schuschnigg resigned on the evening of 11 March, but President Wilhelm Miklas refused to appoint Seyss-Inquart as Chancellor.

Third, the prospect of war with Germany caused the Rhineland crisis caused a major capital flight of France, which meant there was even less money to pay for the costs of mobilization Schuker, Stephen "France and the remilitarization of the Rhineland, " from The Origins of the Second World War pages The dominance of the Christian Social Party whose economic policies were based on the papal encyclical Rerum novarum was an Austrian phenomenon.

Bruce "War and Peace: Historians who say that if the French moved inthen Hitler would have been forced to withdraw ingloriously based on a single after the fact remark by Hitler are seriously wrong. As intended by Flandin, Eden was opposed to the French taking military action, and appealed for French "restraint".

Afterwards, leading Austrian Nazis fled to Germany but they continued to push for unification from there. Reports to the Sopade in the spring of mentioned that a great many erstwhile Social Democrats and opponents of the Nazis amongst the working class had nothing but approval of the remilitarization, and that many who once been opposed to the Nazis under the Weimar Republic were now starting to learn towards supporting the Nazis.

One no longer sees it as an absolute casus belli, as in the recent past, but the politicians believe a judgement on this matter must come first and foremost from the Army General Staff.

Originally Hitler had planned to remilitarize the Rhineland inbut chose in early to move re-militarization forward by a year for several reasons, namely: The ballot text reads "Do you agree with the reunification of Austria with the German Reich that was enacted on 13 Marchand do you vote for the party of our leader Adolf Hitler?

Iron Guard

As Foreign Minister inNeurath played a decisive role in German decision-making that led to the remilitarization. Engelbert Dollfuss and his successor, Kurt Schuschniggturned to Italy for inspiration and support.

Moreover, the uncorroborated claim of General Heinz Guderian that if the French had marched inthen the result have been the overthrow of the Nazi regime, is to put it bluntly shows that somebody is not being as critical as they should be in evaluating historical sources.

Hitler accepted on September 12,[22] becoming the party's 55th member. In the face of this threat, Schuschnigg informed Seyss-Inquart that the plebiscite would be cancelled.

If the French responded to the German move by marching into the Rhineland, the almost certain result would have been a Franco-German war. Welcome to hotel euthanasia essay. In addition, the German ministry of propaganda issued press reports that riots had broken out in Austria and that large parts of the Austrian population were calling for German troops to restore order.

There has naturally been discussion over the consequences, but to date, no consensus has been reached. At most, Britain was willing to make only limited security commitments in Western Europe, and even then tried to avoid the "continental commitment" as much as possible.

Remilitarization of the Rhineland

Another group in the General Staff are of the opinion that remilitarization could only be accepted if a full reorganization of the border defense system were to take place and above all if the defensive garrisons were promptly improved.

University of Chicago Press, p. On 13 March Seyss-Inquart announced the revocation of Article 88 of the Treaty of Saint-Germainwhich prohibited the unification of Austria and Germany, and approved the replacement of the Austrian states with Reichsgaue.

Remilitarization of Rhineland

At the same time that Austrian Nazis attempted to seize power all over Austria, the SS Austrian Legion based in Bavaria began to attack frontier posts along the German-Austrian border in what looked like the beginning of an invasion. At the Rhineland, the French elite, used to rule by terror in the colonies, implemented colonial terror practices and massacred hundreds of workers that were peacefully refusing to work for the French occupants.

The royal dictatorship lasted just over one year. Schuschnigg called Austria the "better German state" but struggled to keep Austria independent. Eureka moment essay about track Eureka moment essay about track foothill dental hygiene application essay. The Sarraut cabinet was a mixture of men of the right like Georges Mandelthe center like Georges Bonnet and the left like Joseph Paul-Boncour which made it almost impossible for the cabinet to make decisions.

Military Commander Arcturus, ,page This version about Hitler was not overthrown is so convenient towards the German side that it really ought to give one pause. Hitler announces the Anschluss on the HeldenplatzVienna, 15 March The Nazis held a controlled plebiscite Volksabstimmung in the whole Reich within the following month, asking the people to ratify the fait accompli, and claimed that In this way, the British government found itself drawn into the Central European crisis of because of the Franco-Czechoslovak alliance of meant any German-Czechoslovak war would automatically become a Franco-German war, and if the latter event occurred, the statement of March 19, would create strong pressure for British intervention.

As for economics, there was no straightforward program, but the Legion generally promoted the idea of a communal or national economy, rejecting capitalism as overly materialistic. Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators. This controversy, called dualismdominated Prusso-Austrian diplomacy and the politics of the German states in the mid-nineteenth century.

Remilitarization of the rhineland essay writing 4 stars based on 53 reviews. The nation that had been unwilling to accept responsibility for the integrity of the Eastern European allies of France suddenly seemed eager to support Ethiopia. On 6 April Churchill said of the remilitarization, "The creation of a line of forts opposite to the French frontier will enable the German troops to be economized on that line and will enable the main forces to swing round through Belgium and Holland", accurately predicting the Battle of France.Canadian fashion throughout history essay university of minnesota duluth application essay surfwise essay help dassey confession analysis essay.

Zenan zuihitsu essays Remilitarization of the rhineland essay writing. 5 stars based on reviews Essay. That observation, by Adolf Hitler, is not as trite as it sounds. Hitler was referring to his own successful remilitarization of the Rhineland in Before he moved into the Rhineland, Hitler was securely "in his box".

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