College athletes deserve payment

College athletes do so much for universities like Kennesaw State, and the least schools can do is to pay them back for their hard work and dedication. Report this Argument Pro My point is the money these student athletes are generating for their programs, so your rebuttal is irrelevant to the MY PRO argument.

Let's keep it this way instead of glorifying these sports anymore than we already do in the end it's just a game. The NCAA is a big business, and like any other big business, it must take care of its greatest assets - its athletes. Sometimes money is needed.

Most people tend to overlook the fact that so many athletes are already paid monetarily in the form of scholarships. The NCAA responded by saying it is "evaluating the complaint, but disagree[s] that student-athletes are participating in athletics as employees. Because of this, the NCAA needs to be punished, along with colleges, for exploiting students as essentially free labor for their multi-million, and sometimes billion, dollar businesses.

College athletes deserve payment are "subject to stricter, more exacting supervision" and "confer as many, if not more, tangible and intangible benefits on NCAA Division I Member Schools. We understand that High School athletes are not paid for their sport, college athletes should not be paid either.

This is just another example of how, though they do not need to be paid on the field, college athletes should still have the benefit to cash in on their performance off the field.

College Athletes Shouldn

The school, the conference, or the NCAA itself? And I don't mean tripping on the way to the podium. Not just a regular issue at that, but a structurally racial issue on many levels.

Although given that college athletes already get many perks, such as free education, endorsements, minor to major fame. According to The Huffington Post, athletes spend close to 90 hours per week training for their season, and often only get out of practice after dining halls close.

If college athletes are paid, the all other members of other extra curricular activities would need to be payed as well. This would possibly increase graduation rates, allow fans to see their favorite players mature through college, and ensure coaches are preparing athletes as much as possible for the next level.

Racial resentment was deemed more important than all other factors, including political affiliation, age, education, and even experience playing college sports.

Student athletes deserve minimum wage, ex-Houston soccer player's suit says

If an athlete can go to a big name school and be paid, why would they ever consider going to a smaller school where they can get a better education?

The athlete has a shift in thinking that says, "The harder I play and the better my performance, the more compensation I can receive. Why shouldn't these aspiring students who will inevitably bring revenue to America's cities and towns not be paid?

What's special about these athletes is that they earn the colleges they play for millions in profits. First, who pays the athletes? The bottom line is this, college is not a place where the primary purpose is football; debate; choir, or any other extracurricular activity, but it is a place to learn and to become a functional member of society.

McDonald said Sackos, who is still a student and busy with classes and preparing for grad school, wasn't available to talk about her lawsuit.

Without these kids, college sports wouldn't be college sports, and it's time to compensate them for their talents and abilities that make college sports so great. Upon his recovery, the college refused to pay for his hospital bills and revoked his scholarship due to his inability to maintain his football career.

This compares to NCAA athletes, as some have accomplished much, and they are looking for compensation themselves, and as shown throughout this blog, that compensation does not necessarily have to come from on-field performance.

All students in compulsory education K make money for their school by simply attending. The judge made the right decision because it's time to start paying college athletes. He won the Heisman in but was only a fifth-round draft pick. Effort goes into both whether it's athletics or debate.

The level of attention given to college sports in America can be baffling to an outsider. The debate about whether student athletes should be paid rears its head every year, with the most common arguments made against doing so pointing to the fact college-level sport is supposed to be an amateur enterprise.

College Athletes Getting Paid? Here Are Some Pros And Cons

Everybody gets paid except the people making the product. Student-athletes have a passion for their sport and a commitment to their teammates that can't be equated to punching a time clock.

This position is rooted in the unethical behavior of generations past, and until the association pays its athletes fairly, college sports continue to be a source of conflict and inequity.

The money these programs bring in goes to pay for the facilities, the training, the programs and all kinds of other expenses of the university. It is the big programs that pay for all the smaller programs.

Antilochus protested this as he earned the right to the second-place prize, and he wanted proper compensation.

I love watching college athletics because you can tell how much passion they have for the game.

Quick Shot: NCAA Sucks, Athletes Deserve Payments

If he or she were getting paid then the athlete would have incentive to stay in school for the 4 years and also earn a degree because we all know the average career length for a professional athlete is in the single digits in all sports so he or she would have something to fall back on.

As a former professional athlete and someone who coaches many professional athletes, we're all on different pay scales.

College athletes deserve to be paid

While the NCAA might not like the idea of paying athletes for their activity, they have no right to deny students the opportunity to make money off of their brand.Articles PAYMENT OF STUDENT-ATHLETES: LEGAL & PRACTICAL OBSTACLES THOMAS R.

HURST* J. GRIER PRESSLY III** I. INTRODUCTION Collegiate athletics at the Division I. Going to school would continue to be part of the job for star athletes in college, but it’s never been the no.

1 priority, and for the best college athletes in the country, it probably shouldn’t be. Statistics from the National College Players Association, a non-profit that advocates for college athletes, show a huge discrepancy between how much a university earns on its big-time sports and.

College Athletes spend 40 hours or more per week on their sport; with this being said college athletes deserve to be paid. The payment should be helped out by the government. If the process is athletes spending more time on their sport rather than their education, something is going to have to change.

Second, college athletes already are given something valuable. A full football or basketball scholarship to a school such as Northwestern is worth as much as $, over four years. Oct 28,  · Should college athletes at least be paid the same minimum wage as the students who usher at their games or sell refreshments to fans?

College athletes deserve payment
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