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The importance of being Earnest: An analysis of modern society in the monologue a lady of letters by alan bennet Created by: The three volume novel became very popular in the 19th century, and could often only be afforded by the extremely rich.

Dec 2, - The Importance of Being Earnest is a comedy of dialogue, abounding in the use of paradox, epigram, and irony. Along with the physical humour of this short passage, there is also the verbal humour common in the rest of the play. On the other hand, nothing is trustworthy about her because she uses clothes as would an actress to fit her role, talks nonsense, however with the right kind of accent, and can utter the most cruel things but in a very proper language.

From the moment I walked into the theatre, I was struck by the marvellous set. Situational irony occurs in the plot and amongst characters.

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The one dramatic piece of irony that stood out to me most was when Cecily and Gwendolyn tell Jack and Algernon that they can only love a man named Ernest.

Because of the way of the play and its strange story, I felt there had to be a story behind the story as with many plays. Oscar Wilde Wilde was born in Dublin in to a father who was a surgeon with several illegitimate children and a mother who fought for women's rights.

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Finally, the grandest example of dramatic irony is the fact that none of the characters, except Algernon and Jack, know about the Bunburying or that Ernest In humorous plays like Socratic irony; situational irony; dramatic irony and verbal Here, and throughout the play, Oscar Wilde asks the following question: Actually, the play portrays real anxiety about gender because it raises the difficult question about the meaning of masculinity and femininity, yet always in an ironical and derisive tone.

Oct 18, - The Importance of Being Earnest is filled with dramatic and verbal irony. Besides a superiority in She is sophisticated, intellectual, cosmopolitan, and utterly pretentious. It starts by a brief outline of Oscar Wilde's private life, including his Wilde was influenced by Walter Pater, the co-founder of the aesthetic movement in art, literature and criticism for whom all art forms are self-sufficient.

Irony is a literary device that involves a breach between what a writer, speaker, or narrator says and what Wilde seems to be presenting a social class which thinks only of itself and no compassion for the less fortunate.

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How Wilde uses humour, satire, farce and irony. What comic consequences result from Algernon's assuming the role of. Antony Crolla In the film, there are two.Paul Doust's Lady Bracknell's Confinement, or, The Bunburyist, is a drag monologue that has, like the KAOS Earnest, been making a successful tour of fringe circuits and portable fit-ups for most of the past decade.

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2) What kind of society do.

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Lady Augusta Bracknell’s name repeatedly emphasizes her nobility through the title of "Lady"; "Bracknell" is the name of the land she owns. Miss Prism is a pun for misprision, which can mean either "neglect" (regarding her abandonment of baby Ernest) or "a misunderstanding" (which highlights her lack of common sense).

The Importance of Being Earnest is well known for having been written one summer in Worthing, which is the name given to our hero and there allusions in the names of Lady Lancing and Lord Shoreham. Oscar was clearly inspired by his sunny surroundings for his play is light hearted and full of fun.

Lady Bracknell is indeed an assertive woman, but a terrifying “Gorgon” (Jack’s expression). Actually, the play portrays real anxiety about gender because it raises the difficult question about the meaning of masculinity and femininity, yet always in an ironical and derisive tone.

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Characterisation of lady bracknell
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