An analysis of the novel a town like alice by nevil shute

He quickly falls in love with her.

Nevil Shute Writing Styles in A Town Like Alice

They invite Noel Strachan to make his home with them in Australia, but he declines the invitation, returns to Britain and the novel closes. An Anglican priest tells the story of an Australian aviator. Twenty-four of his novels and novellas have been published. On the Beach has gained relevance in view of current concern about nuclear warfare.

Meanwhile, Joe has met a pilot who helped repatriate the women, from whom he learns that Jean survived the war and that she was never married. Jean and Joe name their second son Noel, and ask Strachan to be his godfather. While it is being built, she discovers that, by a strange chance, Joe Harman survived his punishment and returned to Australia.

Jean then befriends the chief of a native village and offers the services of the party as laborers in the rice fields. The economics is fairly well hidden and I must admit that it took me a number of reads before I discovered that. Although some critics contended that the novel lacked drama because Shute avoided the depiction of suffering, others praised its terrifying sense of despair.

Only 15 of the 32 women and children with whom Paget starts out survive. However, this must be done with the approval of the men.

This was possibly the luckiest misunderstanding of his life While there, she finds out that Joe Harmon did not die from the flogging and decides to go to Australia to see if she can find him.

While it is being built, she discovers that, by a strange chance, Joe Harman survived his punishment and returned to Australia. It was first published in when Shute had newly settled in Australia.

Nevil Shute

Her first thought is to fly out to Malaya and dig a well for the village which had sheltered them during the war. But these attitudes are often presented not in a racist, but an ironic sense: Paget and her companions, who are forced to watch, trudge on in horror and shock.

British townsfolk prefer the company of black soldiers. Willstown is described as 'a fair cow'. Jean is carrying a toddler, whose mother has died, and this leads Harman to believe that she is married; to avoid complications, Jean does not correct this assumption.

Strachan arranges for her to travel to Malaya, where she goes back to the village and persuades the headman to allow her to build the well. Contents Plot summary The story falls broadly into three parts. She then travels to the fictional primitive town of Willstown in the Queensland outbackwhere Joe has become manager of a cattle station.

He travels to London to find her, using money won in a lottery. However as in Trustee from the ToolroomShute valued the honest artisans and their social integrity and contributions to society more than the contributions of the upper classes. To him, she seems a pleasant enough woman, but she has an enduring sadness about her.

A Town Like Alice

It was shown in Japan under the title Malay Death March: Willstown is described as "a fair cow".A review by John Henry One of my two favorite Shute books is "A Town Like Alice" (A/K/A "The Legacy").

The other is "Ruined City" (AKA "Kindling"). A Town Like Alice takes place in England, Malaysia and Australia. The first part of the story occurs during World War II.

That part of Nevil. A Town Like Alice (Vintage International) [Nevil Shute] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nevil Shute’s most beloved novel, a tale of love and war, follows its enterprising heroine from the Malayan jungle during World War II to the rugged Australian outback.

A Town Like Alice Summary

Jean Paget/5(). Nevil Shute Norway was a popular British novelist and a successful aeronautical engineer. He used Nevil Shute as his pen name, and his full name in his engineering career, in order to protect his engineering career from any 4/5(K).

A Town Like Alice Author(s) Nevil Shute Country England Language English Genre(s) War, Romance Publisher Heinemann Publication date Media type Print (Softcover) Pages pp A Town Like Alice (U.S. title: The Legacy) is a novel by the British-Australian author Nevil agronumericus.comy: England.

Nevil Shute Shute (Norway), Nevil - Essay No Highway, Pied Piper, and A Town Like Alice—were made into films. Nevil Shute's book is a very bad novel.

An analysis of the novel a town like alice by nevil shute
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